Van Levine is one of four children born in Vietnam. After living in multiple refugee camps, she and her family were fortunate to be sponsored by an American family and arrived in the US in 1980.


Van’s family left Vietnam with a minimal amount of personal possessions. However, with the assistance of church, relatives and friends, Van and her family embraced their new country and prospered. Van’s father owns a successful construction company and her mother is active in social projects sponsored by her Church.


Living through the economic struggle faced by her family upon their arrival in the US, Van knows the value of hard work and dedication to meaningful goals. Van put herself through college and graduated with a degree in Sociology from UC San Diego. Her career path brought her to the corporate world, where she has been employed for over 14 years.


However, Van does not wish to limit her role in society to well compensated managerial positions. For as long as she can remember, she has viewed assisting children and families in need, as an essential component of a good life. Van has seen and experienced how the lack of life’s essentials, including food, clothing and basic necessities, devastates the ability of individuals and family members to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. Working with MyPocketChange, she hopes to “give back” for her success by helping to alleviate some of the economic and emotional stress faced by those in need.