Thank you for your interest in our HELPING FAMILIES program.

Below is a list of patients (and their families) that have recently been screened by our partner. Each of these families have at least one chronically ill child and are living at or below the poverty line. They need your assistance!   Will you join us in helping them today? 



This is a family of 3. The patient is an 8 year old boy with late diagnosis of cystic fibrosis.

He has a single mother who is on worker’s comp from an injury. His mom is also taking care of his grandmother who has diabetes and is on dialysis. They have limited income. 


This is a family of 3. The patient is a 7 year old boy with JIA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis). He is followed regularly by the rheumatology department at the hospital. Family is experiencing financial difficulty.


This is a family of 3. Abigail and her sister Clarissa are BOTH diagnosed with lupus and receive ongoing treatment at the hospital. In addition, their mother Enna is diagnosed with lupus and has had significant health issues this year, including an extended hospitalization where the girls had to live with extended family. Fortunately, she is out of the hospital and the family is reunited. However, due to her continued recovery process, she is unable to work.