Finding Compassion

“Compassion” is a simple but powerful word. If practiced regularly, there would be less suffering and more happiness in the world.

Homeless people are part of our landscape. They are simply “there”. Whether asking for help or minding their own business, we know that the homeless often lack what you and I take for granted - the next meal and safe shelter.

Certainly, our lives are often economically challenged and not trouble free. However, even when successful and among the fortunate, our blessings are easily put out of mind. How, then, do we maintain our innate compassion to help persons in need and ignite this passion in others?

How fortunate we are to be able to satisfy our hunger by simply opening the refrigerator or dining out! Other than in the midst of a restricted calorie diet, we often ignore the amount of food on our plate or the food discarded by restaurants, which we patronize.

There is so much to contend with in our daily lives that the men, women and children who live meal-to-meal in our community, are most often not in our thoughts. We, understandably, focus on our selves and family, rather than on persons who cannot afford sufficient food, much less a decent home to cook that food.

If we were among those in need, wouldn’t we want someone to stop, just for a moment, to acknowledge our situation and provide dignified assistance? The answer is obvious and leads to the conclusion that having “compassion” for those in need empowers us to empower others.