Feeding the Homeless

Through the support of our volunteers and partners, MyPocketChange is committed to providing meals to the homeless on a recurring basis. Contributions will have a direct impact in how many lunches are made. Every cent will add up to making a difference in someone’s life. The more donations that we are able to obtain, the more people we will be able to feed.

Bring relief to people in need…throughout the year.


MyPocketChange depends upon people like you to support, fund, organize, communicate, assemble, and deliver food to those in need. Work hand in hand with members of the community.


1.6 million


use transitional housing or shelters each year.



of these persons

are members of households with children.


1.5 million


experience homelessness in a given year.



of the US population

will experience homelessness each year.

Meals consist of a sandwich, snack, and a drink.

Packaged meals are delivered directly to homeless shelters the day of our events for distribution.

To kickoff National Homeless Awareness Week and launch MyPocketChange, our nonprofit organization, my wife Van and I held an event on November 15th where we made 4,083 meals for the homeless. We based this event upon our previous experiences participating in Operation: Brown Paper Bag in Long Beach. The students that organized O:BPB have done amazing work over the past six years and we hope they continue.  read more


There is a Federal Law known as The Emerson Act that protects individuals and businesses from liability ‘arising from the nature, age, packaging, or condition of apparently wholesome food…that the person donates in good faith…’


Our volunteers and supporters share a passion for helping those in need. We realize that we won’t be able to eradicate homelessness, but we strive to make a positive difference one day and one person at a time. Please help us with what you can, whether it be a monetary donation or your time. We will be abundantly grateful for your support.